Spring 2016 Product Release Highlights

Spring 2016 Product Release Highlights

Captora’s latest release of our Top of Funnel Marketing Platform will take ‘best guessing’ out of companies’ Digital Marketing strategy while providing a scalable platform and best practices for accelerating the impact of digital campaigns across multiple channels. This next generation of products and services will simplify marketers’ ability to prioritize, launch, and optimize a portfolio of high performing campaigns across Search, Advertising, and Social channels.

New Product Release Highlights

Now digital marketers can automate their ToFu campaign efforts with Captora’s ability to identify and prioritize demand, launch/optimize campaigns, and view real-time performance insights at scale across channels

1. Continuous Demand Intelligence
Captora’s platform services provide marketers with a continuous flow of buyer intent, campaign prioritization, and competitor intelligence so they can prioritize investments and execution – no more guessing. Captora’s content intelligence leverages advanced technologies and data science to deliver demand and content insights. It allows for robust coverage and throughput resulting in more precise and relevant insights than anything a marketer has seen in the past.

Captora’s new Demand Manager provides marketers with a holistic, cross-channel, view of demand intent. Using a unique and intuitive “Inbox Style” layout, advanced content relevance filtering, and custom tagging tools, marketers can align their company’s brand and growth priorities by easily identifying and prioritizing opportunities, and reporting results across paid and organic channels. Captora’s new integration with Google AdWordsTM helps marketers identify campaign optimization opportunities and leverage new campaign segmentation/testing tools to create hyper-targeted campaigns across ad groups, ads, templates, personas, and CTAs, significantly boosting campaign conversion rates. This integration supports Captora’s Agency Partner program, saving partners’ time while delivering higher margins and reporting more precise results to their clients.

Identify new opportunities and execute with clarity on marketing goals, priorities and investments. (PRNewsFoto/Captora)

Identify new opportunities and execute with clarity on marketing goals, priorities and investments.

2. Enterprise-grade Functionality & Integration
Captora’s platform now features a highly scalable, micro-services based architecture, supporting Captora applications as well as third-party marketing tools and platforms. Captora extends its certified platform integrations across marketing automation and CRM tools by providing support for Middle of Funnel (MoFu) and Bottom of Funnel (BoFu) products from companies such as Marketo, Oracle/Eloqua, Act-On, Salesforce/Pardot, and Hubspot. Captora’s new integration services and REST API make it possible to immediately share performance data with the Marketing Automation and CRM tools to improve the speed and accuracy of scoring, nurturing, and reporting of customers’ existing MarTech investments.

3. Cross-channel Digital Campaign Editor
Captora’s new Campaign Editor works seamlessly across digital marketing channels, allowing marketers to build, launch, and continuously optimize campaigns at scale across paid and organic channels. The campaign editor features inline visual editing, keyboard shortcuts, and CTA pickers – all designed to significantly accelerate marketers’ productivity and confidence in results.

Create campaigns seamlessly across channels using inline visual editing, keyboard shortcuts, and CTA pickers. (PRNewsFoto/Captora)

Create campaigns seamlessly across channels using inline visual editing, keyboard shortcuts, and CTA pickers.

New Service Offerings

Captora has made significant investments in new services solutions, best practices, training, and business consulting services that are being offered to Captora customers and partners in order to speed time to ROI and improve CAC (Cost of Acquiring new Customers) across both paid and organic marketing channels. With its new Digital Marketing Services, Captora’s strategic services teams work with our growing partner ecosystem to develop deep, digital marketing services expertise to optimize execution and reporting of brand, demand, and content strategies.

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