Marketo Summit 2017: A Product Manager’s Recap

Marketo Summit 2017: A Product Manager’s Recap

See what our Product Manager, Aditya, had to say about attending Marketo Summit 2017

Marketo Summit 2017 was my first time attending a conference while representing Captora, and it certainly lived up to the hype! I got to spend four days in sunny San Francisco with Captora’s awesome sales team as well as thousands of innovative digital marketers from around the world.

I’m always excited when I get to meet with customers as well as prospects, so I definitely had a ton of fun in the madhouse that is the Summit expo hall. I really enjoyed working our booth, because I don’t get too many chances to pitch Captora to people who haven’t heard of us before. I saw so many eyes light up as I explained our approach to content intelligence and how we seamlessly plug the gaps in marketers’ top of funnel strategy.

There’s no better feeling than seeing the genuine excitement in someone realizing that our product might actually solve massive pain points that they’ve been struggling to address for a long time. Beyond these conversations, I also got to spend plenty of time with partners, visionaries, and even competitors throughout the industry. As a PM, it’s supremely important to stay on top of emerging trends in the industry, and what better place to survey the ever-changing martech landscape than at Summit?

Captora Booth at Marketo Summit 2017

Of course, Summit is known for much more than the sales pitches, networking, and celebrity keynotes (James Corden & Queen Latifah!). Marketers know they need to attend at least a few sessions in order to hear the most unique insights about the industry. As a big fan of the San Francisco Giants, I knew I had to attend the session focused on how the Giants have developed their brand identity and revolutionized their approach to improving the customer experience. Marketing and sports, what’s not to love?

The Intersection of Sports & Marketing

This session was led by Bryan Srabian, the Giants’ VP of Brand Development and Digital Media, and he shared some really interesting insights on how he’s evolved the customer experience to meet the technological and creative demands of Silicon Valley. Here are some of the key takeaways:

  • Every company has customers, but sports teams also have legions of dedicated FANS. On any given day, 99% of those fans interact with the team online, as opposed to in the stadium. Across all sports leagues, that 99% is a relatively casual audience, meaning most of them have never been to an in-stadium experience. The marketing team’s goal is to leverage emerging tech trends to convince the 99% to attend a game, which is arguably a more difficult process than creating a positive experience at the game itself.

Bryan Srabian Discussing Sports Marketing at Marketo Summit 2017

  • Employees within a sports organization think of themselves as being in the business of Memories & Happiness. Fans may not remember the score of their first game, but they typically remember the occasion. Who’d they attend with? Were they celebrating something special? The introduction of social media engagement within the stadium itself, as well as personalized certifications and games make the entire outing memorable, thereby encouraging the fan to make return visits.
  • The Bay Area is already extremely diverse in terms of culture and entertainment. How do the Giants brand themselves as the premier experience in the city? How do the Giants make sure citizens identify with the team year after year? It all starts with a top notch social media team. The Giants are particularly active on the social media networks most popular among millennials – Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram. The team posts interesting factoids and interactive media about their past, present, and future players, so that the fanbase can identify with the human, instead of simply just the athlete.

Discussing Social Media in Stadiums at Marketo Summit 2017

  • Promotional tools like the mascot, Lou Seal, and “We Are SF” banners throughout the city allow the team to connect with all neighborhoods, demographics, and age ranges. In recent years, the team has been hosting more and more special events like “Portuguese Heritage Night” and “Marvel Night” – these cultural events encourage the casual fan to identify with the organization and create a lasting memory, on the basis of connecting with other fans based on heritage or non-baseball interests.

Marketo Summit 2017 was my first time experiencing #MKTGNation, but it certainly won’t be my last!

Are you part of #MKTGNation? Did you go to Marketo Summit 2017? What were your favorite moments?

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