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Learning to Love TOFU

Paul Albright, CEO and Co-Founder of Captora, was a recent guest on our B2B Nation podcast. The series explores a variety of marketing trends and challenges through conversations with industry leaders. In this episode, we discuss why marketers should focus more on... read more

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14 Hacks for Improving Your B2B Paid Social Campaigns

Social media is a powerful distribution channel for B2B content. In Q1 of 2016, LinkedIn reportedly grew from 414 million to 433 million users. Despite an alleged peak in Twitter’s user growth, research shows that 59% of Twitter users go to the social platform... read more

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Why Speed Matters in Marketing Reporting

Marketing and sales execs are used to putting together quarterly and annual reports for their board and other stakeholders. The behind-the-scenes data is often a dense tome — most often ignored and the source of many a headache. The summary rollup is quiet a different... read more

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